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Which Phone Case Is Right For Your Personality?

Hey, are you fun and flirty?

Elegant and always on trend?

A hippy chick connected to Mother Earth?

Whatever good vibes you’re putting out in the world, we have an iPhone case to fit your unique personality.

Take this short quiz to see which personality type you fit into best, and then shop our perfect Cashey Happiness products made just for you!

Cashey Happiness Personality Quiz

  1. You and your friends are dressing up for a night out. What is your go-to outfit choice.
  • (A) A little black dress and high heels.
  • (B) Depends on the season… colorful maxis in the summer, leggings and boots in the fall, and cozy sweaters in the wintertime.
  • (C) A new homemade outfit you created yourself... with all natural and organic fibers of course!


  1. It’s the weekend and you have absolutely zero plans… what are you going to do?
  • (A) Round up the girls for mimosas and brunch at that new trendy cafe.
  • (B) Whatever comes your way! Maybe hit up a music festival, go for a hike, or even just spend the day chilling alone at home.
  • (C) Spend the morning selling homemade vegan goods at the local farmer’s market, then off to yoga in the park.


3.Which vacation destination would be your favorite?

  • (A) Luxury living in Paris or NYC!
  • (B) Definitely beaches. You can relax all day, while still hitting up some fun activities like wakeboarding or scuba diving.
  • (C) A jungle retreat so you can be closer to nature and disconnect from it all.


Ok, let’s see those results! If you got…


Mostly A’s: You’re elegant. Your style game is always on point, and you know you’re destined for something great. You need an iPhone case to match your many outfit changes and couture wardrobe for those big nights out.

Shop the Cashey Happiness signature Elite line to find the perfect iPhone case for your elegant personality. The simple patterns and classic look are timeless, just like your style. The Classic line from Cashey Happiness is also a good fit for your personality. The phone cases are unique and stand out from the crowd… just like you.


Mostly B’s: You’re chill. Your super fun and down to earth personality is the life of any party, and you need an iPhone case that’s as versatile as your hobbies and many friend groups.

The Color My Life signature line from Cashey Happiness has the perfect iPhone case for your personality. The vibrant hues will be the life of any party, but the soft patterns are just as laid back and “go with the flow” as you are. The Joy line is another great fit. It features every shade of the rainbow and is bright, fun, and inclusive, something you strive to be every day in your life.


Mostly C’s: You’re a hippy at heart. You have a close connection with nature and the world, and work to grow your spiritual self. You need an iPhone case that reminds you there’s more to life than just material goods.

For you, the Happiness line from Cashey Happiness is a no-brainer. This signature line of unique iPhone cases features uplifting thoughts like “Live, Laugh, Live” and “Love Wins,” beliefs that you hold close to your heart. The Mandala line is also made just for your personality. The intriguing designs and infinite patterns symbolize the closeness and oneness with nature that you prioritize in your life.


Your iPhone case isn’t just another accessory.

Your phone is a huge part of your daily life, and it’s important that the case on it reflects your unique personality to the world.

Cashey is here to put happiness in your hands. Take our quiz and browse our unique and individually crafted selection of iPhone cases to find the perfect fit for your personality today!

November 16, 2017 by Cashey Happiness