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 Behind the Brand

Hi and welcome to Cashey!

We are firm believers that everyone deserves inspiration every day, no matter how small the detail. We embrace breathtaking pigments that brighten up our world and remind us to celebrate this amazing life. Using this inspiration, we hope to create a beautiful product that you can hold in the palm of your hands…why?! Because life is simply better in vivid color!


Cashey was created with the hopes that we engage the world with vibrating color and positive energy. By applying all of the tones from Mother Nature to our daily living and homes, we can give even the rainiest of days, beautiful warmth. 


Our designs are very unique and individually crafted to meet the highest of quality. We want to reflect positive vibes that make you smile and feel empowered. Every month, we create seasonal, limited edition phone cases to fit any time of the year. Whether it’s a holiday, festival or any special occasion, we always create beautiful cases for beautiful seasons!


Isn’t our planet beautiful?! We sure think so! All of our products are made with our concern for the planet close to heart. When possible, we try our best to source from only eco-friendly premium material.


Your satisfaction is so important to us therefore we are always working to produce the best products for you! All of our accessories are perfect fitting, durable for your lifestyle, and dust/scratch free.